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    Dear Biomch-L Subscribers,

    I had the privilege of working very closely with Dr. Kevin Granata, as
    he was my advisor/mentor for the completion of my Ph.D. at Virginia
    Tech. In the three years that I worked with and got to know him, it was
    very clear that he was extraordinarily dedicated to his research, his
    students, and his family.

    His innovative contribution to the understanding of how the
    neuromuscular control of spinal stability relates to low back injuries
    speaks for itself. Many who knew him would agree that to listen to him
    speak about it while exuding passion and excitement was nothing less
    than inspiring. This was also true for any of his more recent
    biomechanics research endeavors.

    On one occasion after I spoke at a conference, someone approached me and
    said they came to the talk simply because they saw Kevin Granata's name
    on the abstract and loved to hear him or any of his students speak.
    They said it was amazing how they could always clearly see his positive
    influence and style in the presentation of one of his students.

    Dr. Granata didn't just want his students to learn, he truly wanted to
    instill in them the passion for biomechanics that he possessed. He
    frequently stayed late in the evening or came in for a couple hours on
    the weekend to help out a student, and even would serve as a pilot study
    test subject when "duty called."

    The structure he created for his lab was ideal for developing quality
    researchers. He promoted leadership by involving students from all
    academic levels on each project, and encouraging Ph.D. students to
    mentor Masters students, and Masters students to mentor undergraduate
    students. Each student was ultimately responsible for his/her portion
    of the research but teamwork was still necessary to accomplish the
    overall project goal. Students graduated with the ability to write and
    present technical papers because each dissertation or thesis was
    structured so that it was comprised of a series of journal publications,
    most of which are also presented at various conferences.

    On a personal level, some of my favorite memories are from the later
    evenings in the lab when he would open up more about his family. He
    spoke with that same level of pride and excitement that made it so clear
    that he loved being a father and husband. When my wife was pregnant and
    about a month away from delivery he came down to the lab, sat down, and
    shared stories for nearly an hour about his kids and what I can expect
    when I become a father. To this day (two years later), my daughter will
    do something "new" that will make me think of that conversation and
    realize just how right he was.

    I will always value everything that I learned from him, both
    professionally and personally. He will be deeply missed by all that
    knew him, and the Biomechanics community will miss his contribution. My
    thoughts and sympathy go out to Linda, his three children, and the rest
    of his family.

    Kevin Moorhouse
    __________________________________________________ ____
    > Kevin M. Moorhouse, Ph.D., Transportation Research Center Inc.
    > On assignment to NHTSA, Vehicle Research & Test Center
    > Research Scientist, Biomechanics Research Engineering
    > (937) 666-4511 ext. 251