I'd like to announce the second offering of a study abroad program designed
for students who are planning to enter the health professions and who often
do not have the opportunity to take advantage of a study abroad opportunity
because of class scheduling. 

Argentina, second largest country in South America and seventh in the world
in wealth of natural resources, has experienced many political, social, and
cultural changes during recent history, affecting the delivery and quality
of health care to its people.  Despite these events, Argentina has made many
contributions to modern medicine and rehabilitation.  This experience is for
undergraduate students who plan to enter medicine, physician assistant,
physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, nursing,
veterinary medicine or health care administration or for graduate students
who are already enrolled in those programs.  Course content will be
delivered in a variety of methods, including: seminars addressing health
care economics and policy, the practice of medicine and rehabilitation
sciences, portrayal of movement in art; clinical visits (orthopedic surgery,
physical and occupational therapy clinics, workplace rehab, sports medicine
facilities, etc.); and opportunities to explore the city of Buenos Aires,
the "Paris of South America" and the vibrant culture that is Argentina. 

Program size is limited to ensure that students will have the opportunity to
interact on a one-to-one basis with orthopedic surgeons, physical
therapists, occupational therapists, and hospital administrators.  The
Summer 2007 sessions will run from July 2-18, 2007 or from July 20-August 5,
2007.  Students will have ~50-60 clinical/applied contact hours, the rest in
seminars, tours, and small group tutorial sessions. There are no
pre-requisites for the course; students from other institutions would be
admitted to ASU as "non-degree students."  Costs include:  ASU tuition,
program fees, and airfare.  Details, including a slide show, course
information and application procedures can be found on my website at

Best Regards,
Kristinn Heinrichs
Kristinn I. Heinrichs, PhD, PT, SCS, ATC, CSCS
Diplomate, ABPTS Lecturer,
Honors Disciplinary Faculty
Department of Kinesiology Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona 85287
"Education is not a preparation for life; it is life itself." --John Dewey,
19C Educational Philosopher