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Hand Tracking for Small Range of Motion together with a HapticInterface

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  • Hand Tracking for Small Range of Motion together with a HapticInterface

    Dear Everybody

    We are working on the development of an upper limb rehabilitation system that utilizes a 6DOF haptic interface. We are also going to include tracking of finger position (pincer-grasp motion). We are using the C++ / OpenHaptics library for programming the haptic device.

    For certain applications the system will require traction of the hand position and orientation (flexion, extension, pronation, supination and position in space – x,y,z) independently from the haptic interface, but not far from it (more or less within a radius of 0.5 meters). There are many options to consider, like, magnetic sensors, accelerometers + gyroscopes, infrared cameras etc, with many pros and cons for each option. Therefore, we would be very happy to hear any suggestions from people who might have already come across a similar challenge.

    Even though we have come up to an acceptable solution for tracking the position of the fingers (Data Glove with Fiber Optics), we are open for suggestions regarding that issue as well.

    Summary of the answers will be emailed to the column.

    Kind regards
    Evagoras XydasPhD CandidateDepartment of Mechanical and Manufacturing EngineeringUniversity of Cyprus

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