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  • ESB 2008 Award announcements


    The mission of the European Society of
    Biomechanics (ESB) is to promote excellence in
    biomechanics research, to foster integration of
    clinical and basic science, and to facilitate the
    translation of that science to health care and
    clinical practice. One way in which ESB supports
    its mission and promotes excellence is by
    recognition of outstanding members with
    prestigious awards given at the biennial ESB
    Congress. All ESB members are eligible for the
    awards below, except as restricted by specific award criteria.

    For detailed information on submissions and
    nominations, please refer to the Awards Regulations:

    or contact the Awards Committee Chairman:
    Prof. Dr. Ralph Mueller
    Chair, ESB Awards Committee
    Institute for Biomechanics
    ETH Zuerich, Moussonstrasse 18
    CH-8044 Zuerich, Switzerland

    Summary of the Awards Program of the European Society of Biomechanics:

    S.M. Perren Research Award
    ESB Clinical Biomechanics Award
    ESB Student Awards
    ESB Poster Award
    ESB Travel Awards

    The S.M. PERREN RESEARCH AWARD was first
    presented at the 2002 ESB Congress in Wroclaw,
    Poland, and was previously named the ESB Research
    Award. This award, which is the most prestigious
    award of ESB, will be given to the first author
    of the best scientific paper submitted to the
    Chairman of the Award Committee. Papers should be
    based on original research and be previously
    unpublished. The scientific merit of the paper
    will be judged by the ESB Award Committee. Papers
    should be submitted in the format required for
    the Journal of Biomechanics. The award is open to
    all areas of biomechanics research and to both
    members and non-members. There will also be an
    award lecture named in Dr. Perren's honor at each
    biennial ESB Congress. The award includes a
    honorarium of 10,000 Swiss francs (approx.
    €6,000) sponsored by the AO Foundation in
    Davos, Switzerland, and a certificate which is
    presented after the S.M. Perren Award Lecture at the biennial ESB Congress.

    Papers in consideration for the S.M. Perren
    Research Award should be sent electronically to
    the Chairmen of the ESB Awards Committee. The
    deadline for receipt of the paper for the 2008
    ESB Congress in Lucerne is December 1, 2007.

    established by ESB with the purpose of fostering
    the application of Biomechanics to clinically
    oriented problems. At every biennial ESB
    Conference the Award will be given to the most
    meritorious proceeding abstract. Eligibility
    includes ESB membership and an indication at the
    time of abstract submission that you would like
    to compete for the Award. The deadline for
    submitting proceeding abstracts to the 16th
    Conference of the European Society of
    Biomechanics ( will be November 30, 2007.

    The selection is made by an ad hoc Award
    Committee based both on the quality of the
    proceeding abstract and the presentation of the
    four selected award finalists at the Conference,
    which will be held in 2008 from July 6 to 9 in
    Lucerne, Switzerland. The first author receives a
    certificate and an amount of 1000 € donated by
    Elsevier Science Ltd., the publisher of Clinical
    Biomechanics. The award winner will be asked to
    prepare a manuscript which is foreseen to be
    published in Clinical Biomechanics as the ESB
    Clinical Biomechanics Award Paper.

    The ESB STUDENT AWARDS were instituted by
    Professor Marie-Christine Ho Ba Tho at the 1998
    Congress in Toulouse, France, with the purpose to
    honor excellence in biomechanics already at a
    relatively young age. At every biennial ESB
    Congress one first prize Student Award and three
    runner up Awards will be given to four students
    based on the recommendation of the Awards
    Committee selecting the four best proceeding
    abstracts for a final presentation at the ESB
    Congress and on a secret ballot to select the
    first place, which will be held amongst the
    meeting delegates attending the award lectures.
    The award consists of a certificate for each
    winner and 1000 € for the first place and 250
    € for the runners up donated by Elsevier
    Science Ltd. For consideration, the candidate
    must submit electronically an abstract to both
    the conference secretariat and to the Chairman of
    the Award Committee before or at the abstract
    submission deadline of the next biennial ESB
    Congress (November 30, 2007). In addition, a
    brief curriculum vitae and a statement signed
    electronically by the student's adviser that the
    applicant is a deserving candidate and will still
    be a doctoral student at the time of the biennial
    Congress should be included in the submission.

    The ESB POSTER AWARD is given at each biennial
    ESB Congress with the purpose of raising the
    quality of poster presentations at the meeting.
    The selection is made by an ad hoc Poster Award
    Committee appointed by the ESB Council and
    chaired by the ESB Awards Committee Chairman. The
    award consists of a certificate for the winner
    and an amount of 300 € donated by Bertec
    Corporation. For detailed information on
    eligibility, submission and the selection
    procedure, please refer to the Awards Regulations
    or contact the Awards Committee Chairman.

    Up to eight ESB TRAVEL AWARDS will be given to
    the worthiest applicants based on the selection
    made by the ESB Award Committee. The purpose of
    the Travel Awards is to allow researchers with
    limited financial resources to participate at the
    biennial ESB Congresses. Any ESB member with
    limited financial resources who has shown a solid
    interest in biomechanics and who has an accepted
    paper at the biennial ESB Congress is eligible.
    The Award consists of a certificate and an amount
    of 400 € towards their travel and meeting
    expenses. To this purpose funds will be provided
    by the ESB Treasurer. For consideration, the
    candidate must submit an electronic application
    to the Chairman of the Award Committee including
    the officially submitted paper to the ESB
    Congress; the applicant's curriculum vitae and
    list of publications; one letter of support
    carrying an electronic signature from a senior
    scientist in biomechanics who has knowledge of
    the applicant's capabilities. The deadline for
    application for a ESB Travel Award will be February 1, 2008.

    More information on the ESB Award Program can be found here:

    To view Past-Awardees please visit: