I have been unable to find any studies describing the normal passive elastic
joint moment (moment vs. angle) of the human hip joint in either:

-abduction/adduction, or

-internal/external rotation.

Is anyone aware of any such studies? I have found studies providing normal
passive elastic hip joint moments in flexion/extension including:

--Yoon Y, Mansour J. The passive elastic moment at the hip. J.
Biomechanics 1982; 15(12): 905-910.

--Vrahas M, Brand R, Brown T, Andrews J. Contribution of passive tissue to
the intersegmental moments at the hip. J. Biomechanics 1990; 23(4):

--Riener R, Edrich T. Identification of passive elastic joint moments in
the lower extremities. J. Biomechanics 1999; 32: 539-544.

--Lee R, Munn J. Passive moment about the hip in straight leg raising.
Clinical Biomechanics 2000; 15: 330-334.

--Edrich T, Riener R, Quintern J. Analysis of passive elastic joint moments
in paraplegics. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 2000; 47(8):

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide, and I will summarize and
resend results.

Best Regards,


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