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Re: where to buy paint fluid for markers?

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  • Re: where to buy paint fluid for markers?

    Zsolt ...

    For the amount you need ... I would suggest you visit your
    local highway department. If you talk to them nicely they
    may give you a pint and save you a lot of work ... :-)

    Be aware that it is not easy to apply retroreflective paint.
    The "paint" is really a mix of paint and small glass beads.
    If you don't apply the paint properly the beads will clump
    in the paint and all you will have is a lumpy mess. When
    this "paint" is applied on the highway, the beads are sprayed
    into the paint after it has been applied ... there is some
    science to the task, it's not just a matter of "mix and apply".


    Jim Walton

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    Subject: [BIOMCH-L] where to buy paint fluid for markers?

    Dear Collegues,

    would somebody have a contact number, site address or other resource to help
    me with ordering some retroreflective marker PAINT. 3M Hungary tels me that
    they do not have it here so I need to purchase it from abroad (European
    Union members would be preferred).

    Thank you in advance for your time and help:


    Dr. Zsolt Csende Ph.D.
    Semmelweis University
    Biomechanics Department
    Alkotas ut 44
    Budapest 1123