Job Title: Research Assistant/Bioengineer

Department: Orthopaedic Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical

Location: Boston, MA

Hours/Week: 40

Job Type: Regular

Employment Type: Full Time

Time Frame: Immediate availability


The Bioengineering Laboratory within the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at
the Massachusetts General Hospital is looking to fill a full time engineering
position. Under the direction of Dr. Li (PI), the Harvard Medical/MIT Mech.
Eng. laboratory is investigating musculoskeletal joint biomechanics. The
successful candidate will work mostly in the joint arthroplasty (knee
replacement) group and carry out study protocols with both patients and
cadaveric specimens using advanced imaging techniques and a robotic testing
platform. Interest in biomechanics and computational methods are essential, and
skills in programming and finite element analysis are preferred. Prior knowledge
in orthopaedics is also preferred but not required.

The position is best suited for someone with a B.S. or M.S. in an engineering
field, but those having a degree in another field are welcome to apply if they
have the interests and skills mentioned above. The job will require a
candidate who is immediately available, mature, and responsible with excellent
teamwork and people skills.

For more information, please go to: . Interested candidates
should forward their CV and references to the Bioengineering Laboratory at:

Jeremy F. Suggs
Research Assistant
Bioengineering Laboratory
Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School
PhD Candidate
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
P: 617-726-1346
F: 617-724-4392