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Position at INESCOP-Mallorca

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  • Position at INESCOP-Mallorca

    Dear Community,

    INESCOP is committed to research and industrial development in the
    footwear sector. The areas span from environmental issues to production
    machinery, material testing to research on adhesives or footwear for
    diabetic care.
    INESCOP was founded in 1971 and currently has roughly 160 co-workers.
    The central is located in Elda (Spain) and there are several
    decentralised technical units.

    The successful candidate will work at the recently established
    "Laboratory for functional footwear analysis" which is located at
    Mallorca (a beautiful Mediterranean Island). Right now the lab is a "one
    man show" (me) and therefore we are looking for someone to join. The lab
    is basically a biomechanics lab with a VICON Mx system, with 6Mx13
    cameras, 2 basler cams, 2 AMTI forceplates, and 64 channels. INESCOP is
    developing its own pressure measuring insoles. EMG and some other
    sensors are on the way.
    Besides the Lab for functional footwear analysis, the technical unit at
    Mallorca has a lab for material and footwear testing. Most of the
    equipment is specific for footwear testing (Dynamometers, Abrading test,

    The ideal candidate should have:

    * Solid background on mechanics
    * Programming skills (so if she or he is not confident with Matlab
    and Bodybuilder (VICON), it should be easy to get into it).
    * Multibody solid rigid modelling experience is an important plus
    * Experience with finite element modelling will also be considered
    (not essential).
    * Biomechanics background and equipment knowledge are very welcome
    but not essential (provided the candidate is familiar with
    experimental setups).
    * Knowledge of spanish language is not a must at the beginning but
    will be after some time. Further idioms are also a plus.

    The position

    * Two years full time position to be started in September 2007 (high
    probability to be continued afterwards)
    * Salary: 21870 €/year (Healthcare Insurance included)

    Please send CV to
    Deadline: August 4th 2007. Contract has to be signed prior to August 30th.

    Thank you for your interest,

    Gaspar Morey

    PD: Fell free for contacting me for any further questions

    Gaspar Morey Klapsing (PhD in Biomechanics)

    INESCOP (Technological Institute for Footwear and Related Industries)
    Centre Bit Raiguer
    C/ Selleters, 25 – Polígon Ca'n Matzarí
    E-07300 INCA (Balearic Islands / Mallorca)

    Phone: +34 971 50 70 98
    Fax: +34 971 50 70 98