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forward head posture

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  • forward head posture

    To whom it may concern,
    I am doctoral student in faculty of physical therapy, cairo
    University. My thesis is about load carriage in primary school children. i
    want to examine if the forward head posture will change with differnt bag
    styles. i have only three infrared cameras, and i want to measure the
    forward head posture during both static and dynamic state, most papers take
    the angle between the tragus, C7and the horizontal line passing through C7.
    i don't know if i take external refernce points to represent horizontal line
    it can be applied in static but during gait(dynamic) it will be diffcult to
    measrure the angle. only one paper, measured the forward head posture in
    other way not as angle but in horizontal distance(by mm) between ankle and
    tragus is good idea and easy to measure in both satic and dynamic
    conditions, but the problem that i don't have refernce values for this
    if you are able to provide information that would be useful for my clinical
    part,let me know
    i would really appreciate your time,
    Thank you'
    Dalia asgan
    Doctorl student
    faculty of Physical thera[y, Cairo University.

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