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deadline for PhD position at the Swiss Paraplegic Researchextended till August 29.

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  • deadline for PhD position at the Swiss Paraplegic Researchextended till August 29.

    PhD position in "the Swiss Paraplegic Research", Nottwil, Switzerland

    Project Title: Shoulder problems in SCI: is handbiking the key to prevention?

    The Swiss Paraplegic Research is an institution committed to comprehensive rehabilitation research with the aim of contributing to the quality of life of people with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI).

    The Biomedical Rehabilitation Sciences & Engineering Division is dedicated to development and evaluation of diagnostic measures of function, capacity with regard to activity and interventions to stabilize, improve, restore or compensate for impaired body functions and structures.

    The purpose of this research project is to quantify the mechanical load and to study (alternatives for) hand rim propulsion (hand biking) and to help prevent overuse injuries during and after rehabilitation. Therefore the mechanisms that lead to overuse injuries in persons with SCI will be studied. Effect of continuous submaximal load and the effect of recovery on overuse damage will be investigated.

    This means that kinematic, kinetic evaluations of hand biking and hand rim wheelchair propulsion will be performed, in cross-sectional settings as well as within (longitudinal) training studies in persons with SCI. When possible blood and muscle samples of the subjects before and after exercise will be evaluated.

    A MSc-degree in human movement sciences, biomedical engineering, or a related study with a strong emphasis on biomechanics and/or -physiology. The ambition to combine fundamental research with work in a clinical setting is essential. Experience in patient-oriented research and laboratory skills are a prerequisite, as well as experience with the software packages SPSS and Matlab and knowledge of the English and German language.

    This PhD position falls within a collaboration between the Swiss Paraplegic Research and the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences, Research Institute MOVE of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The research project will be performed at the Swiss Paraplegic Research in Nottwil (and in Amsterdam, when deemed necessary) under the supervision of Dr. van Drongelen, Dr. van der Woude and Dr. Veeger. Further supervision is achieved by regular work meetings with Dr. Veeger and Dr. van der Woude in Amsterdam, or in Nottwil.
    This four year PhD position should lead to a promotion at the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (promotor Prof. Dr. med. Gerold Stucki).
    The position will be on a temporary contract for 4 years (1 + 3), 42 hrs a week. Salary 4000,- CHF per year.

    Additional information:
    Dr. Stefan van Drongelen,, +41 41 939 6599
    Dr. Luc van der Woude,, +31 20 598 8500
    Dr. DirkJan Veeger,, +31 20 598 8480

    How to Apply:
    Applicants should send a cover letter stating their ambitions and an extensive resume before August 29 to:

    Schweizer Paraplegiker-Zentrum
    Herr Daniel L├╝scher
    Human Resources
    6207 Nottwil

    Or via e-mail to: