We are doing some work to investigate the contribution of muscle
spindles to kinaesthesia in bi-articular muscles and am interested in
muscle length changes with various and simultaneous elbow and wrist
movements. I would like to provide an example of length changes in
either the musculotendinous unit/muscle/fibre/sarcomere, over a range
of elbow and wrist angles, for flexor carpi radialis perhaps.
Therefore, I am looking for some normative (or any) data on origin
and insertion coordinates for flexor carpi radialis (or other
bi-articular muscle crossing the elbow and wrist), relative to the
approximate elbow and wrist flexion/extension axes... OR... the
muscle/fibre/sarcomere length changes over various degrees of elbow
and wrist flexion/extension angles, should that information be out
there somewhere???

thanks in advance,

Daina Sturnieks, PhD

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