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Pediatric flatfoot

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  • Pediatric flatfoot

    Flatfoot is a foot disorder with va
    Dear members of biomechanics list,

    Flatfoot is a foot disorder with varying degrees of complexity. Most of the flatfoot has a common characteristic of partial or total collapse of arch of the foot. The other characteristics shared by most types of flatfoot are:

    1. “Toe drift”, where the toes and front part of the foot point outward.
    2. The heel tilts toward the outside & ankle appears to turn “in”.
    3. A short Achilles tendon, which causes the heel to lift off the ground earlier when walking & may act as a deforming force.

    We are interested to perform a research study on gait analysis of pediatric flatfoot patients & particularly interested to determine the clinical outcome of flatfoot under gait studies for children under the age group of 2 to 5 years, using custom ankle foot orthosis.

    I am requesting to the list for the following assistance:

    a. What are the major clinical outcomes that are possible to
    determine for the pediatric flatfoot.
    b. The important relevant literatures to this kind of research.
    c. Is their any best tool for this research apart from force-platform.

    I welcome any further suggestion/advice for this kind of research.

    Thanks in advance for the kind support.

    With kind regards & best wishes,
    Dr. M. L. Jain
    [Professor, department of biomedical engineering & department of mechanical engineering, Shri, G. S. Institute of Technology & Science, Indore, India.]