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Virtual palpation software

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  • Virtual palpation software

    V-Palp is a new software available for free.

    Palpation of skeletal landmarks (SLs) is an important activity for
    various measurement activities within the Biomechanics field: for
    example to measure limb length, motion data representation, settings
    of EMG. More recently medical imaging allows to access bone modelling
    in a relative easy way. Such method allows SLs location directly on
    the surface of the bone 3D models. This operation is called "virtual
    palpation". As any measurement tool, virtual palpation requires to be
    rehearsed in order to be accurate and reproducible. In order to
    achieve these goals a new freeware software, called "V-Palp" has been
    The Virtual Palpation software (V-Palp) is a software that allows
    users to be trained and evaluated on virtual palpation. With V-Palp
    you can:

    - Visualize accurate 3D Bone Models
    - Manipulate the available models with state-of-art virtual environment
    - Import your own 3D Model
    - Display Anatomical Landmark
    - Modify spatial location of landmarks or add new ones
    - Use landmark dictionaries to perform actual virtual palpation
    - Export landmark coordinates for further processing
    - Organize and manage your 3D Models
    - Save 3D Scenes as bitmap images

    The software allows to import geometries in different format (STL,
    VRML, VTK), to visualise the data, to add landmarks in specific
    position with a specific name and to evaluate a score for the
    palpation with respect to a pre-defined set of landmarks.
    The software is in now in beta release and downloadable as a freeware
    with example data also available:

    Debora Testi

    Ing. Debora Testi, PhD
    Technical Manager
    BioComputing Compentence Centre
    SCS s.r.l.
    Via Magnanelli 6/3, 40033 Casalecchio di Reno, Italy
    tel: +39-051-6171334