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  • Re: Sw to curvefit 3D bone

    Dear Ben,
    I am interested in similar problems and I found your question interesting.
    Since now I did not see any answer to your message on the forum; maybe they
    have been posted to you directly. Could you forward them to me, or making from
    them a collection?
    We have in our lab a 3D solid modeling sofware which let us to interpolate
    point in curves and curves in 3D surfaces. However, the real problem is that
    when you collect points with a pointing device you get a "cloud" of points with
    different density depending on the space position. If you try to generate a
    surface from this cloud without any pre processing of the data, the chances of
    getting a "good" surface will be quite low. Generally speaking, the density of
    the mesh should be varying depending on the local curvatures of the surface.
    So, it would be nice to find an algorithm (or a source code, much better!!)
    able to read a cloud of points and generate a mesh with a such variable
    density. This would give us the chance to generate the best mesh with the
    minimum number of control points.
    Being someway different from what you requested, I am cross posting this also
    to the forum, to hear if anybody has suggestions on the topic.



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