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Two postľdoc positions in Sport an dExercise Sciences in Verona

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  • Two postľdoc positions in Sport an dExercise Sciences in Verona

    The Laboratory of Physiology and Biomechanics of the Faculty of
    Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Verona, Italy, is
    welcoming applications for two post-doc positions for a 2008-2010
    research program. Activities will start next year on March-April and
    will be focused on the study of the biomechanics and bioenergetics of
    locomotion in young patients affected by cerebral palsy. Candidates
    must have specific competence in the biomechanics of human locomotion
    and in the analysis of electromyographyc activity during exercise.
    Skill in computer programming (MatLab, Labview) and in developing of
    automated analysis procedures is required.

    Salary per year is around 20.000,0 Ç

    Selection will be held on the basis of the submitted CV and of an
    interview organized by internet call.

    If you need further information feel you free to contact us directly
    at and

    Please, feel you free to forward this call to any person you think
    might be interested.

    Carlo Capelli
    Professore di Fisiologia Umana/Professor of Human Physiology
    FacoltÓ di Scienze Motorie/ School of Sport and Exercise Sciences
    UniversitÓ degli Studi di Verona/University of Verona
    Membro del Gruppo 4/Member of Group 4
    Via Felice Casorati, 43
    37131 Verona

    tel: +39 045 8425140
    mobile +39 347 2385589
    fax: + 39 045 8425131