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postdoctoral researcher positions in Kinesiology at Michigan

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  • postdoctoral researcher positions in Kinesiology at Michigan

    Postdoctoral Researchers in Developmental Motor Control

    University of Michigan, Division of Kinesiology

    Principal Investigator: Beverly Ulrich

    Co-Investigators: Bernard Martin, Engineering, University of Michigan

    Vickie Moerchen, Physical Therapy, University of

    Wisconsin- Milwaukee

    Position Description: We are currently seeking two Postdoctoral
    Researchers to join our NIH-funded studies of the sensorimotor
    development of infants born with spina bifida (SB). The overarching goal
    of this project is to create a foundation of basic information about the
    intrinsic sensorimotor capacities of infants with SB across the first
    year of postnatal life and their responsiveness to various forms of
    enhanced sensory input. We anticipate these results will become the
    basis for designing clinical trials of the impact of treadmill
    intervention protocols on the development of neuromotor control and

    We are using a body-weight supported treadmill stepping
    elicitation design to examine the capacity for infants with SB to
    produce steps over time, assessing both their kinematic and kinetic
    (EMG) behavior. We are testing the impact of multiple variations in the
    sensory input during treadmill stepping. We are also testing the use of
    vibration stimulation as a tool to determine the integrity of individual
    neuromotor pathways and as a possible tool for eliciting stepping

    We have two funding mechanisms available for these postdocs,
    our NIH RO1 and a USDE doctoral and postdoctoral training grant.
    Applicants for funding via the training grant must have a background in
    physical therapy or adaptive physical activity and be a U.S. citizen;
    these criteria do not apply for applicants funded by the NIH grant. In
    either case applicants should have a background in dynamic
    systems/complex systems, and an interest in working with infants and
    children born with developmental disabilities. They should have
    experience with motion capture and EMG systems, programming skills
    (Matlab, LabVIEW, C++), and have a Ph.D. in biomechanics, motor control,
    psychology, physical therapy, or a related discipline.

    Responsibilities: Devote 100% time to this project, assist in the
    recruitment of participants (through the U of M hospital and regional
    hospitals), co-lead the data collection team, help maintain the accuracy
    and integrity of technical equipment, coordinate data processing and
    management (including programming), present results of the research at
    conferences and contribute to publications.

    Applicants: Start date open, August 2008 to January 2009. Send cover
    letter, curriculum vita, and the contact information for three
    references to:

    Bev Ulrich, Ph.D. Email:

    1402 Washington Heights Phone:

    Division of Kinesiology

    University of Michigan

    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2013