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Summary of Findings Neck EMG

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  • Summary of Findings Neck EMG

    Dear Biomech-L subscribers,

    As promised, here is the summary for responses to my Neck EMG request of
    two weeks ago.

    1. You can find Trapezius (upper) and Splenius Capitus EMG data for 10
    healthy adults in:

    Winter, D.A. The Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Gait: Normal,
    Elderly and pathological. Second Edition, University of Waterloo Press,
    Waterloo, Canada, 1991.

    2. Sagittal plane analysis of head, neck, and trunk kinematics and
    electromyographic activity during locomotion.
    Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy. 31(5):255-62, 2001
    Cromwell, R L. Aadland-Monahan, T K. Nelson, A T. Stern-Sylvestre, S M.
    and Seder, B.

    3. Merkle et a 1998. Using factor analysis to identify neuromuscular
    synergies during treadmill walking. Journal of Neuroscience Methods
    Volume 82, Issue 2, 1 August 1998, Pages 207-214.

    4. Cappellini et al 2006. Motor Patterns in Human Walking and Running.
    J.Neurophysiol 95: pp3426?3437.

    5. EMGs - Neck Muscles activity review Sommerich2000.pdf

    6. Neck Low level exertion muscle methods Joines2006.pdf.

    For the *. pdf notes above, please send me an email request direct and I
    will gladly forward the documents to you.

    Thank you very much to those of you who responded to my original


    R. Palmer. MSc.,BEng.,MISM
    Clinical Scientist.
    Clinical Measurements Laboratory
    West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre
    91 Oak Tree Lane, Selly Oak,
    West Midlands. UK. B29 6JA.
    Tel: 0121-6278123, Fax: 0121-6278932
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