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Values for inertial properties of different prosthesis

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  • Values for inertial properties of different prosthesis

    Dear all,

    I am a biomedical engineering student from Copenhagen, Denmark. I am currently writing my master thesis which involves comparison of two different knee prosthesis: the C-leg and a hydraulic knee prosthesis. Vicon 460 system is used to gather kinetic and kinematic information.

    Only a few articles mention that the biomechanical models they use are modified with respect to the altered inertial properties, mass and center of mass of the prosthesis. Unfortunately none of the studies have reported their values. So far I have not been able to find any values for the inertial properties (neither from Otto Bock or from a search in the Biomech-L archives). I know that the pendulum technique can be used to determine the moment of inertia.

    My question is if anybody has made these measurements before on different prosthesis, which values are obtained, and does a database of the mentioned properties exist?

    Best regards,

    Andreas Overbeck Petersen
    The Technical University of Denmark and The University of Copenhagen
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