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Laboratory of Sitting Biomechanics, Northwestern University

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  • Laboratory of Sitting Biomechanics, Northwestern University

    I am forwarding this job posting. For enquires please do not contact
    me but only the address listed below.

    Krystyna Gielo-Perczak, Biomch-L Co-moderator
    Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences
    The Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University

    Job Title: Laboratory technician
    Description: A position for laboratory technician is available immediately
    in the Laboratory of Biomechanics at Northwestern University, Chicago,
    Illinois. The position is intended to support various research projects
    ongoing in our lab. The responsibilities of this position and qualifications
    include the following:

    - Regular checking and maintenance for lab equipment
    - Subject recruitment, supervised by the PIs. These subjects will include
    persons with musculoskeletal disorders, stroke, or spinal cord injury
    - Participate in all aspects of data organization, management, and upkeep
    - Set up and conduct experiments including subjects' preparation, data
    collection equipment set up, and execution of protocol
    - Instruct, train, and supervise students in and methods and protocols
    - Maintain appropriate administrative records
    - Prepare experimental protocols for IRB review

    - Bachelor's degree required, preferably in mechanical engineering
    (experience in biomechanics preferred), biomedical engineering, clinical
    engineering, and related fields
    - Experience as a research assistant in a healthcare related environment
    - Experience of managing data
    - Must possess excellent interpersonal and management skills

    To apply, e-mail a cover letter with a statement of interests, a
    resume/curriculum vita, and the names of three individuals whom can be
    contacted as references to: Mohsen Makhsous, PhD. e-mail:

    More information of the departments and lab can be found in following links:
    Northwestern University:
    Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences:
    Sitting Biomechanics Laboratory

    Northwestern University hereby reaffirms its diversity and affirmative
    action policy. It is the intention of the University to comply with all
    applicable law. To contribute to the national effort to improve opportunity
    for women and minorities, Northwestern actively seeks to recruit and retain
    minority and female students; and seeks women and minorities for employment
    positions. Northwestern's Affirmative Action effort is based on
    - the personal commitments of University officials, faculty and staff,
    - an adequate monitoring system,
    - The Department for Human Resources' implementation of objectives in staff
    - rigorous search efforts overseen by the Provost in the faculty employment
    process, and
    - personal and written internal and external communications intended to
    disseminate relevant information to encourage attitudes in support of the

    The University also seeks to further equal employment goals, externally,
    through the use of equal employment clauses in contracts and purchase orders
    and through efforts to establish working relationships with women and
    minority business firms who can meet the University's needs for goods or
    ************************************************** **************

    Mohsen Makhsous, PhD

    Assistant Professor

    Dept. Physical Therapy & Human Movement Sciences

    Dept. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

    Dept. Orthopaedic Surgery

    Northwestern University

    645 N Michigan Ave., Suite 1100

    Chicago, IL 60611

    TEL: 312-503-0073, 312-238-4824

    FAX: 312-908-0741, 312-238-2208