Dear Biomech-Lers,

A two cents worth type of question, if I may.

I am going to teach an applied EMG course
(lecture and lab) in the Fall for upper division
undergraduate and graduate students – hopefully
pulling some students from pharmacology, biology,
engineering, as well as our own exercise science
students. I want to cover some or all of the following:

1) history of EMG
2) electrophysiological and mechanical properties of muscle
3) basic signal processing
4) reliability and repeatability
5) normalization techniques
6) fatigue and FFT limitations (stationarity issues)
7) electromechanical delay
8) etc.

Everyone has a repository of PDF articles that
touch upon different topics, but I don’t want to
become married to the articles I have, and
falling back on the same articles is something that seems to occur over time.

To that end, I was hoping to ask what articles
you really enjoy using in your classroom that
pertain to the above topics, and even topics not
listed. I assume there is going to be a great
deal of overlap (Basmajian, De Luca, Winter,
NIOSH, and Merletti for example), but with enough
responses, I was hoping to put together a
comprehensive list that others might enjoy
having. I would be happy to try and divide it
into “degrees of difficulty.” For instance, I
know many exercise science students who want to
be able to talk about spectral issues but DO NOT
want to talk about how Fourier transforms really
work. Hope this is not too much of an
imposition. Please let me know if you might
interested in such a list. My feeling is you
can’t read everything, and this might be a nice
way to see what other folk are having their students cover.

Dwight Waddell

Dwight E. Waddell, PhD
Exercise Science
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