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Symposium: Posture and Gait

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  • Symposium: Posture and Gait

    Dear Colleagues,

    The Twelfth International Symposium on Posture and Gait is making its
    second call for papers. The subject of the symposium, to be held in
    Matsumoto, Japan on October 3-7, 1994, is "Posture and Gait: Vestibular
    and Neural Front." The official language is English.

    Papers may be presented orally, by poster, or by video (VHS, NTSC). Topics
    of the keynote lectures and papers include: New devices and diagnostic
    contribution of postural and locomotion measurement; Development and aging
    in posture and gait; Physical training, exercises and rehabilitation;
    Biomechanical model of posture and gait; Autonomic nervous system and
    other effects on posture and locomotion; Neural mechanisms of posture and
    gait; Nystagmus and abnormal eye movements in relation to body
    equilibrium; space and posture.

    In addition, several tours are also being offered by the organizers of the

    Deadlines are as follows: abstracts, March 10, 1994; registration, April
    15; guaranteed hotel reservation, June 30.

    Please address requests for further information to:
    Symposium Secretariat
    World Meeting Corporation
    1-29-16-201 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160, Japan
    Telephone: 81-3-3350-0363
    Telefax: 81-3-3341-1830


    Fay Horak, President
    International Society for Postural and Gait Research
    Fay Horak PhD, PT
    RS Dow NSI