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  • SVHS sources

    In a posting last week, I asked for the sources of SVHS tapes. Thanks to
    all who replied. Sources provided by the respondents are listed below.
    In addition to names of distributors, several respondents asked if the
    additional cost of SVHS was accompagnied by a corresponding increase in
    video resolution and a decrease in digitizing error. The Peak manual
    touches on these points, but provides no detail. Since resolution/error
    reduction is the best justification for paying the additional cost of SVHS
    tapes, any data or opinions you have on this topic would be appreciated.
    Since others might be interested, consider posting your response to the
    entire BIOMCH-L group.

    from Chi-Chang Lee, Ohio State University
    Canton Tape Co
    4268 Strausser NW
    North Canton, Oh 44720
    No phone number provided
    No pricing provided

    from Joel Vilensky, Indiana U
    Magnetic Tape Division
    401 Broadway
    Redwood City, CA 94063
    No phone number provided
    No pricing provided

    Others told me to check with Media Services on Campus. ISU provided this
    Tape Co.
    Woodall, IL
    (708) 595-3113
    120 minute length tapes at $8.59