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PhD Research Assistantship

Applications are invited for a PhD research assistantship in
Biomechanics and Human Motion Analysis at University of North Carolina
at Charlotte. The research will focus on assessing the internal force of
knee joint during rehabilitation exercises and other activities The
purpose of this study is to understand the internal joint movement,
tensions on cruciate ligament, cartilage contact and pressure of the
knee joints of ACL-intact, ACL-reconstructed subjects during
rehabilitation exercises and daily activities. The results of the study
will provide guidance for designing patient-specific rehabilitation
programs, improve our understanding premature knee osteoarthritis of
subjects with reconstructed ACL, and bring benefits to many patients
under rehabilitation and recovered from a knee injury. The study will be
carried out in our new Biomotion lab which has state-of-art equipment
including a 10 camera motion capture system, two force platforms, a
wireless electromyography system and excellent computing facilities.
This multidisciplinary project is supported by famous orthopaedic
surgeons, sports medicine physicians, physical therapists and biomedical
engineers. You may find more info regarding our research at

The PhD research assistantship includes tuition and other fees and a
standard annual stipend ($18,000 for 2008-09).

Please send your inquiry to Dr. Nigel Zheng You should
submit your application through our online application system
( Please forward your
CV and application letter to Dr. Nigel Zheng, DCH 201, Mechanical
Engineering/Biomedical Engineering, 9201 University City Blvd,
Charlotte, NC 28223, USA or by email