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Fw: [BIOMCH-L] A question about an injury

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  • Fw: [BIOMCH-L] A question about an injury

    hi Fariba
    if the ACL is ruptured then as far as I understand the ACL won't heal so the
    option of plastering the leg will only delay his recovery by resulting in a
    stiff knee. My recommendation is that of your second option if this is a
    physically active student. Physio then surgery is the much preferred
    option. If the student is not physically active normally then a longer
    period of physio may mean they could manage without an operation - though if
    they have any instability signs after the rehab then an operation would be
    Hamish Ashton MHSc (Physio)

    From: "Fariba Bahrami"
    Sent: Monday, April 07, 2008 6:25 PM
    Subject: [BIOMCH-L] A question about an injury

    > Dear all,
    > A couple of days ago, one of our students (a young adult of age 24) had a
    > sport accident with injury to his right knee. He has extensive injury to
    > his ACL (rapture). However, his PCL is intact. Two of our specialist
    > colleagues have suggested him two obviously different treatments!
    > The first specialist wants to put a cast on his knee for several weeks
    > followed by a period of physio. He believes that this will heal the
    > injured ACL with some possible minor limitations in his movement.
    > On the contrary, the second specialist suggests an immediate one-month
    > physiotherapy, which will be followed by a surgery on his knee to restore
    > his complete movements.
    > I am wondering if anyone can compare these two treatments or suggest any
    > other ones.
    > Thank you very much for your attention,
    > F. Bahrami
    > Fariba Bahrami
    > Assistant Professor
    > CIPCE, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    > University of Tehran
    > Tehran, Iran
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