We would like to invite you to attend the 2008 Injury Biomechanics Symposium
which will be held May 18th through May 20th, 2008 at The Ohio State
University in Columbus, Ohio. The purpose of the symposium is to stimulate
and reward strong injury biomechanics research among students and recent
graduates. Attendees can expect original biomechanics research in a forum
intended to foster communication between developing and established

We are pleased to announce that 10 Universities from around the world will
be participating in the symposium. The symposium will feature 9 oral
presentations and 12 posters. A small sample of the experimental and
theoretical topics to be discussed include -

• Pediatric ATD Biofidelity
• Experimental Pressurization Techniques for both Eye and Spinal
Cord Research
• Anterior Tibia Impact Testing
• Helmet & Neck Collar Testing
• Humerus and Forearm Bending Risk Functions
• Geometric Scaling Factors for the Pediatric Brainstem
• Pregnant Female Anthropometry from CT Scans

Other Symposium events will include:

§ Welcome reception including food and drinks at the Varsity Club
§ Keynote Address by Stephen W. Rouhana, PhD., Ford Motor Company
§ Panel Discussion-Aerospace Biomechanics
- Nancy J. Currie, PhD., NASA, Houston, Texas
- James W. Brinkley, Retired Air Force Research Laboratory,
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio
- Carol Chancey, PhD., Research Biomedical Engineer, U.S.
Army Aeromedical Research Lab
§ Banquet at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe & Arcade
§ Dr. Margaret H. Hines Award (plaque & monetary award) given to the
best oral presenter and best poster presentation

The agenda and registration form is can be downloaded at
http://www.medicine.osu.edu/ibrl/. To register please follow the directions
on the form.

Updated symposium information can be found at http://medicine.osu.edu/ibrl/
or by contacting Dr. John Bolte by phone at (614) 688-4015 or email at

The Ohio State University –
Injury Biomechanics Research Laboratory (IBRL)
The Joint Planning Team
Nationwide Columbus Children’s Hospital, Center for Injury Research and
Policy (CIRP)
Honda R&D Americas, Inc.
Nationwide Insurance
NHTSA Vehicle Research and Test Center (VRTC)
Transportation Research Center Inc. (TRC Inc.)

Denton ATD, Inc.
First Technology Safety Systems Inc.
Nissan Technical Center North America, Inc.
Toyota Motor North America, Inc.

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