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Biodex Signal Processing

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  • Biodex Signal Processing


    We are undertaking a research project requiring the capture and processing of analog signals from our Biodex System 3 isokinetic dynamometer. We have already installed the "Biodex EMG Card" (which has nothing to do with EMG). This add-on card provides us the raw analog signals for torque, position and velocity.

    Our protocol will examine torque generated by isometric and isokinetic knee extension and flexion. We are conducting a calibration session prior to collection to capture the torque produced by gravity on the shank (gravity correction).

    The next step is to convert our raw voltages to meaningful data. Biodex has provided conversion factors however we have two challenges:

    - Adding gravity correction for the torque data

    - Effectively smoothing the raw signals without introducing artifact

    Before embarking on a process of writing, testing and automating a conversion program, we are asking for your assistance.

    Can you direct us to or share public domain templates or lab-coded programs that will perform these calculations? We prefer to utilize EXCEL templates as this format is independent of our data capture software but we also have access to LabView and MatLab if needed.

    Thanks in advance for you insights.

    Joe Threlkeld, PT, PhD

    Director, Creighton University Rehabilitation Science Research Lab

    Physical Therapy Department
    Creighton University
    Omaha, NE 68178