To all users:

My research work entails finite element modeling of the lower extremity to
help provide a better understanding to the mechanisms of injury to the
ACL. I have acquired all bones of the lower extremity for my work but
having much trouble finding the 3D geometries of the major ligaments of
the knee joint. I am looking for geometries of the ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL.
I have enquired at a few research labs without success and I have also
check with companies such as Digimation, Voxel Man, and Zygote Media
Group, also without success. Does anyone know where I can obtain the 3D
geometries these ligaments without having to go through the process of
segmenting MRIs. Do advice. Greatly appreciate your help.

Thanks and best regards,

Nicholas Ali
PhD Candidate
University of Ottawa
School of Human Kinetics