PhD Studentships

Department of Bioengineering

Imperial College London

The world-class Department of Bioengineering (rated 5* in the Research
Assessment Exercise) has available for October 2008 1 BBSRC-funded CASE
(industry supported) and 1 standard BBSRC studentships.


The BBSRC studentships are open to UK and EU candidates who have been
ordinarily resident in the UK for at least 3 years prior to the start of
the course. Studentships starting in October 2008 will be for four


The Departments research interests lie within the following broad

* Biological and medical imaging
* Biomechanics and robotics
* Biophysical and physiological modelling
* Medical devices and informatics
* Neuroscience and Technology
* Physiological fluid mechanics

For the BBSRC studentships the topic needs to be within the remit of the
BBSRC and preferably within areas that BBSRC is promoting. Please go to:
for further information.

In the field of Biomechanics, there is a specific project available in
the area of "Musculoskeletal Modelling" that fits within the BBSRC theme
of "Engineering and Biological Systems, engineering towards medical

The aim of this project is to apply tools of musculoskeletal modelling
to define and classify the ability for an individual to achieve tasks of
daily living and develop measures of this ability that can be applied to
frail and elderly individuals.

For futher details on this project, please contact Dr Anthony Bull:

Further information on how to apply can be found on our PhD programme

Deadline: Aug 31th 2008.