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  • Jokes & biomechanics

    Dear Biomch-l'ers,

    During Herman's absence, I am occasionally monitoring the list on his behalf.
    While it is fun to include an occasional joke, this should not become too
    personal. May I suggest that the posters exercise the same care in posting
    material onto the list as if they were writing a paper for review? Biomch-L
    is a public list, without any editorial control on postings, and I think that
    both `moderators' would like to keep it that way. Remarks of a personal nature
    should be addressed to the relevant persons rather than to the list.

    To quote the title from a Dutch PhD-thesis on Copyright by Prof. J. Spoor at
    the Free University in Amsterdam a few years ago: VERBA VOLENT, SCRIPTA MANENT,
    i.e., the written word remains (in the LOG files) for others to be seen. This
    is different from a spoken joke in front of a public audience which evaporates
    as fast as it is pronounced.

    Incidentally, when mixing classical languages with modern Biomechanics: in con-
    temporary Greek, `Biomechanics' means `Industry', i.e., Mechanics by the Live
    Subject, whereas in classical Greek, it means Mechanics of the Live Object.
    Thanks to the EEC, some of us can try and help keeping our field up to date ...

    With kind regards -- Herman's shadow