Dear All,

I am trying to understand the current state of musculoskeletal
simulation (a general term to say the least) and how it is currently
utilized specifically in industry settings. I am also very interested
in what improvement(s) to the current simulation tool set would make
answering the 'difficult questions' easier. I have noticed there has
been a recent rise in generalized musculoskeletal models that can be
used to answer a variety of interesting academic topics. These
include: AnyBody, LifeModeler, OpenSim, SAM, and SIMM (I am sure there
are others and I apologize if your product is not listed. Feel free
to email me additional software names and I will include them in the
summary of replies). Although many of these products are very
flexible in what they can do, I am not convinced that those, and other
similar tools, (e.g. multi-body dynamic solvers (inverse and forward),
muscle recruitment optimization, deformable models (FE), or
conditional contact solvers) have been embraced/utilized for
evaluating industry problems (I am being vague with 'industry problem'
because I want to include as many groups as I can, i.e. medical
devices, clinicians, sports equipment, etc.) on a large scale.

I hope that people will treat this as an opportunity to help identify
future research/product needs in this area that can be directly
applicable to a specific industry need and/or problem. Plus, I think
people tend to be very passionate about simulation, and any discussion
that gets started here will be interesting.

To organize the responses, I hope the following template will help.
Please feel free to add any additional information you might think is
relevant. I will compile the responses and post a summary for all

Name (optional):
Company (optional):
Industry (please be as specific as you can):
Current simulation tool(s) (i.e. commercial product => please list, or
a high-level description of the model/tool):
Application(s) (problems/devices/questions that you attempt to answer/
evaluate/address with your musculoskeletal simulations):
Current simulation tool deficiencies:
Holy Grail tool description (describe the capabilities of your ideal
simulation tool => how you would use it, what you would be solving
for, how happy it would make you feel, etc.):

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