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Call for Help: Getting ANC files into MyoResearch 2.11

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  • Call for Help: Getting ANC files into MyoResearch 2.11

    Subject: Help converting ANC files from MAC's EVaRT 5.0 and newer into Noraxon's (MyoResearch 2.11) or other suggested processing options
    Research: I have contacted Noraxon and their only solution is to upgrade to the newest software that they offer (MRXP), they note that the newer motion capture software produced by MAC has files that are no longer compatible with MyoResearch 98. I am sure I am not the first to deal with this problem. We are commonly collecting both EMG and forceplate analog data. My current solution is to open the .anc file in Excel (seeing that it is an ASCII friendly file type) and convert the analog units into digital units (volts), and then scale the volts to truly represent the microvolt activity of the muscle. I completed this for the forceplate data without problems. While the Noraxon software has a dropdown menu to import .ana, .anb, and .anc files I can only import the .anc files. When I view the data in Noraxon the curves are all incorrect. Is anyone familiar with a convertor that will allow these .anc files to read by MyoResearch 98? I currently have a lot of EMG data that is useless unless there is an answer to this problem. Thank you

    Joshua Baker MPT
    Doctoral Graduate Assistant at The University of Toledo
    Department of Kinesiology
    Office: HHS 2505 E
    Phone: 530-4690
    Fax: 530-2477