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Symposium on Sport and Virtual Reality in France, April 2009

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  • Symposium on Sport and Virtual Reality in France, April 2009

    Dear colleagues,

    would you please find the enclosed call for papers for the first
    Symposium on Sport and Virtual Reality that will held in France in April
    2009. This is a pluridisciplinary symposium gathering experts from
    various domains (including computer science, simulation, biomechanics,
    sports, psychology, virtual reality...). You are welcome to propose a
    full paper to this symposium. A set of expets will select high quality
    papers for oral presentation and publications in the conference
    proceedings. A publication in the International Journal of Virtual
    Reality is under negociation.

    Best regards

    Symposium on Sport and Virtual Reality
    April 22, 2009
    First announcement id=206

    Understanding how humans acquire skills to perform complex motor tasks
    required in Sport practice is a multidisciplinary challenge addressing
    complex aspects: perception, motor control, decision-making, cognition,
    social behaviours... In the context of Sport Sciences as in others,
    highly controlled scientific protocols are needed. Virtual reality (VR)
    technologies provide a way to standardize experimental situations:
    experimenters can accurately control the simulated environment, as
    opposed to real world. These technologies are now widely used by
    researchers around the world. Virtual reality also provides the
    potential to enhance sport and fitness training by creating realistic
    simulations of an environment interacting with the sport practitioner.
    Relevant question are open such as: how and how much of the knowledge
    gained by the scientists and the skills acquired by the sportives
    trained in virtual environments transfer from the virtual to the real

    This symposium, held in the framework on the international event “LAVAL
    VIRTUAL” and supported by the French Virtual Reality Association (AFRV),
    seeks to present the state of the art of current research on Sport
    Sciences using virtual environments. During the symposium, participants
    from multiple disciplines will help to clarify how, when and why we
    should aim to use virtual humans in Sport science. Papers dealing with
    basic and applied research in Sport Sciences using VR techniques are
    welcome. Eligible domains include:
    • Sport psychology
    • Biomechanics and exercise physiology
    • Interaction between real and virtual humans
    • Sport learning and training, physical education
    • Motion and performance analysis and visualization
    • Fitness
    • Virtual sports
    • Sport events broadcast, virtual enhancements
    • …

    Submissions can be done for oral (30 min) and poster presentations.

    Keywords: Sport Psychology, Biomechanics, Motor Control, Perception and
    Action, Training, Virtual Reality, Virtual humans, Representation,
    Social interaction in sport

    Keynote lecture:

    Pr. Cathy CRAIG, Senior Lecturer Visual Perception
    School of Psychology, Queen's University Belfast

    Online papers submission opens: November 30, 2008
    Submission of full papers: January 19, 2009

    For more information about the Call for Paper, please visit the
    conference website d=111

    Selected regular papers will be published in a special issue of the
    International Journal of Virtual Reality (

    Scientific committee:
    Benoît Bardy (Univ. Montpellier, France)
    Eric Berton (Univ. Méditerranée, Marseille, France)
    Benoit Bideau (Univ. Rennes2, France)
    Jean-Pierre Bresciani (Max Planck Institute, Tuebingen, Germany)
    Cathy Craig (Queen’s Univ. Belfast, UK)
    Stéphane Donikian (INRIA, France)
    André Gagalovicz (INRIA, France)
    Larry Katz (Univ. of Calgary, Canada)
    Richard Kulpa (Univ. Rennes 2, France)
    Daniel Mestre, (CNRS, Marseille, France)
    Anton Nijholt (Univ. of Twente, Netherlands)
    Zhigeng Pan (Zheijiang Univ, China)
    Hubert Ripoll (Univ. Méditerranée, Marseille, France)
    Mel Slater (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain)
    Daniel Thalmann (EPFL, Switzerland)

    Contacts :

    Franck MULTON (
    UFR-STAPS, Université Rennes 2
    Av. Charles Tillon
    35044 Rennes Cedex
    phone : +33 299 141 778
    fax : +33 299 141 774

    Jean-Louis VERCHER (
    Institut des Sciences du Mouvement
    UMR 6233
    Faculté des Sciences du Sport CP910
    Campus Luminy
    13288 Marseille cedex 09
    Phone : +33 491 172 255
    Fax : +33 491 172 252

    Laval Virtual 11th International Conference on Virtual Reality d=110

    MULTON Franck
    Professor University Rennes 2

    UFR-STAPS, Université Rennes 2
    Av. Charles Tillon
    35044 Rennes Cedex
    web :
    tel : 02 99 14 17 78
    fax : 02 99 14 17 74
    mail :