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  • Re: EMG impedance measurement

    Dear BIOMCH-L subscribers,

    I recently sent out a request for information regarding instrumentation
    and/or methods pertaining to EMG impedance measurement. Below is a
    posting of the original message and the replies that I received.

    Thanks to all who sent messages.

    Dan Ferris
    University of Miami
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    Dear BIOMCH-Lers,

    I am interested in finding literature or information related to the
    measurement of impedance in surface EMG data collection. Any information
    regarding instrumentation and/or methods would be greatly appreciated.
    Please send messages to ""

    Thank you for your help.

    Dan Ferris
    Human Performance Laboratory
    University of Miami

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    Dear Daniel,

    I can't offer you much information other than we check resistance with a
    standard voltmeter prior to testing with EMG. It seems if we reduce
    levels to less than 5KOhms we reduce noise in the telemetered EMG signal.
    However, I would be very interested in the responses you get.

    Julie Steele

    University of Wollongong

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    I cannot help you personally but I used surface EMG for my MSc
    research 2-3 years ago. Met a gentleman who had produced EMG
    equipemnt commercially who gave me some information about
    Suggest you contact him
    company name

    MIE Medical Research Ltd
    6 Wortely Moor Rd
    Leeds LS12 4JF
    Ask for Richard Malier

    (0532) 310820

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    The stuff on EMG for the company in Leeds UK came from a colleague
    of mine Jim Pickard (who doesn't have e-mail access), please contact
    him if you require further information.
    Tel (0484) 422288 ext 2853

    Sorry I forgot to sign the first message
    A.C. Redmond
    School of Human & Health Sciences
    University of Huddersfield
    0484 422288 x 2096

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    I have some info re:impedance measurements that perhaps you might
    find useful:

    A low cost precision electrode impedance meter
    EMG circuits,electrodes;
    A circuit is described which measures applied electrode impedance
    sing a 7 uA RMS, 10 Hz sine wave current, and displays the readin
    in ohms on a small analog meter. The design uses a minimum of
    parts and power, drawing only 2mA from a 9 volt battery, yet is
    accurate to within 2% and can easily be modified to fit a wide
    range of frequencies.

    Gary Kamen
    Boston University

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    Hi Dan,

    The Grass Instruments makes the electrode impedance meter for EMG, EEG, EKG
    measurement. Their phone number is 1-800-225-5167.

    Li-Qun Zhang
    Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

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    Hi Dan:

    Try the book "EMG for experimentalists" by Loeb and Gans.
    page 191-194.

    Rodger Kram
    University of California, Berkeley

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