The Instituto de Biomecanica de Valencia (IBV, ) is
interested in hiring postdoctoral researchers through the Ramon y Cajal and
Juan de la Cierva programs funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and
Innovation. It is expected that the 2009 call for applications will be published
in the first half of January, 2009, and the deadline for applications will be
sometime around the beginning of February. Until then, last year’s call for
applications can be found on the following websites:

We are looking for candidates who will perform research and development
activities in one or more of the following areas:

- Image analysis for the study of human movements.

- Analysis of morphometric data from human populations, with applications
to the design of clothing and other products that interact with the human

- Thermophysiological models of parts of the human body and thermal
comfort, with applications to the design of footwear, clothing, mattresses,
seats or heating systems, among others.

- Analysis of visual exploration for the assessment of user interaction with
an environment or product (IBV’s Living Lab).

- Analysis of perceptions and assessment of products and environments with
psychophysiological measures and cognitive models (IBV’s Living Lab).

- Study of the physiological response to noise, vibrations, impacts or light,
as well as its relation to comfort. Applications to the design of vehicles,
manufacturing settings, buildings or interiors, among others (IBV’s Living Lab).

- Clinical assessment of lesions, return to occupation, physiology of pain.

- Mechanical modeling of parts of the human body and the interaction with
the environment. We are especially interested in the following three research
* Study of the interaction between the human body and the ground, with
application to the design of footwear.
* Study of the risk of hip fractures based on densitometry, nonlinear finite
element models and with anisotropic materials.
* Kinematic and dynamic modeling of human movements (multibody
system with complex joints).

Depending on the specific research area, the appropriate candidate
backgrounds are varied: engineers from various disciplines, computer
scientists, mathematicians, kinesiologists, physiologists, psychologists,
sociologists, physical therapists, orthopedists, physiatrists or physicians from
other specialties.

The candidates will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
- Scientific and technical capabilities in the proposed research topics.
- Scientific and technical contributions made to their research field:
scientific publications (especially in journals listed in the Journal Citations
Report), patents, technology transfer activities.

If the researcher is selected by the Spanish Ministry of Science designated
committee, the IBV offers an employment contract of indefinite duration,
whose first years will be co-funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science.
Minimum wage: 33.250 euros gross per year in the case of being selected for a
Ramon y Cajal contract, and 25.250 euros gross if a Juan de la Cierva contract
is obtained. Expected date of appointment: September 2009 or later.

Interested candidates please contact Jose Galvez ( ).
Also, take into account the deadlines and provisions stipulated by the Ramon y
Cajal and Juan de la Cierva 2009 call for applications, as explained above.

Jose Galvez

R&D Department
Instituto de Biomecanica de Valencia
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46022 Valencia (Spain)

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