We are currently trying to use Optotrak in LabView without much success. We have used Optotrak with a Visual C code, but we are now looking to switch.

We were provided from NDI with an example LabView vi that it supposed to operate the Optotrak system. We have properly configured the vi to run, but we are unclear how to modify the vi to collect the marker data. After reviewing the vi, it seems that the "GetStatus" level needs to be manipulated, but we're unclear which parameter from the "Call Library Function" box is actually getting the marker data. The "Call Library Function" box is using the oapii.dll which speaks to the Optotrak system.

Any insight you can offer on how to use Optotrak in LabView would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Minoru (Shino) Shinohara, PhD, FACSM
Neuromuscular Physiology Lab
Associate Professor
School of Applied Physiology
Georgia Institute of Technology