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Biomechanics and Co-ed Cheerleading

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  • Biomechanics and Co-ed Cheerleading

    The course I am teaching is requiring students to present information on
    the sport of their choice, to teach the rest of the class about the
    biomechanics of a wide range of activities.

    I have a male student who is a cheerleader here at University of Dayton,
    and is interested in doing the project on co-ed cheerleading, but has had
    a hard time finding information. I was hoping someone might have expertise
    and be willing to share with us.

    The specific questions being used to guide the presentation include:
    -Any background information, including sport-specific vocabulary
    -Description and analysis of the key movements of the sport
    -Tools used to analyze sports-specific movements; if motion capture
    environment is used, talk about how the set-up differs from gait analysis
    -A sample of kinetic and/or kinematic data describing how to interpret the
    data/what is normal for the sport
    -Identify two or three current areas of research and design, summarizing
    specific studies
    -The biomechanical aspect of a common injury of the sport
    -Identify a problem that a sports biomechanical engineer might be asked
    that would require statics, dynamics, strength of materials, or
    kinematics. Discuss/show how it would be solved
    -Evolution of sport-specific equipment design influenced by biomechanics
    -Contacts, references, and resources for people interested in findings out

    Thanks for any help

    Kimberly E. Bigelow, Ph. D.
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    University of Dayton
    300 College Park
    Dayton, Ohio 45469-0238