Alan Wing and I are interested in comments on the performance of Bertec
force plates and their suitability for investigations we wish to make
relating to balance and its conservation. We envisage subjects standing
on a pair of Bertec plates, or making a step, or making a small jump
(or 'hop') from/to these plates. We are interested in calculating the
position of each foot and the forces on the foot from the reaction with
the ground.

We would also appreciate any suggestions about helpful software (either
commercial or public domain) which would help to model the internal
forces and dynamics in a multi-joint linkage model of the human body
when one has a record of the externally applied forces and the evolving
angular configuration of the linkage. Perhaps there are mechanical
engineering software packeges that are relevant?

I'll gladly share the results of this enquiry. With thanks in anticipation,


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