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Doctoral position in computer simulation in sport -- Deadline: 24April 2009

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  • Doctoral position in computer simulation in sport -- Deadline: 24April 2009

    Simulation of kayaking on an ergometer
    Laboratory of Solids Mechanics UMR 6610 CNRS - University of Poitiers

    biomechanics, optimization, redundant systems, sports equipment,
    performance, hybrid system.

    October 2009

    This work will be a part of an important project that aims at optimising
    the conception of sport devices to reproduce the dynamics of the system
    observed during in situ conditions.

    The candidate will be part of the Mechanics of Sports Movement research
    group. This group is focused on:
    - improvement of biomechanical models to study movements in extreme
    environments, (sport and/or pathological conditions),
    - model and equipment validation using experimentation in laboratory and
    in situ and indoors conditions,
    - computer simulation and optimal control for generating new skills or
    equipment and optimizing the techniques.

    This work is composed of four steps:
    - initial measurement on instrumented boat and ergometer to obtain
    realistic data for simulation,
    - kinematic and dynamic modelling of the two systems: athlete and
    ergometer using the HuManS toolbox,
    - validation of the simulation from experimental data,
    - optimization of the ergometer characteristics using evolutionary

    The candidate will use state of art devices in biomechanics to conduct
    this project (10- camera Vicon motion analysis system (T40); specific
    force 6-component force transducers for paddle, footrest and seat). Both
    kayak ergometer and flatwater kayak are fully instrumented by 6-component
    force transducers.

    Experimentations will be carried out with elite flatwater kayakers from
    the French Olympic Team.

    Robotic research group – Laboratory of Solids Mechanics
    French Canoe Kayak Federation
    Vincent Fohanno (PhD candidat)
    Dr Mickaël Begon – Professor at University of Montréal

    Applicants should have a degree in mechanical engineering and experience
    in programming (Matlab-Scilab, C++, Maple).
    French knowledge is not require but would be appreciated.

    Funding of about 21.000 €/year for three years is available from CNRS

    For consideration, please submit (before the 24th of April) full C.V. with
    the names and phone numbers of three references, as well as one-page
    statement of research interests and goals.

    Floren Colloud
    Phone: +33.549.496.794.


    Journée Thématique de la Société de Biomécanique

    La machine humaine au regard de la performance sportive
    Poitiers - 14 et 15 mai 2009


    Floren Colloud
    Dr ès Sciences
    Maître de Conférences des Universités

    Laboratoire de Mécanique des Solides
    UMR 6610 Université de Poitiers - CNRS

    Bvd Marie & Pierre Curie
    BP 30179
    86962 Futuroscope

    Tél.: +33.549.496.794.

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    Enseignement :
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