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advice about firewire and laptops

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  • advice about firewire and laptops

    Dear All,

    we are looking for the laptop models that have FireWire port. It is my understanding that, at least several years back, laptops have had typically only 4pin FireWire port. Such port does not have pins for the power and consequently the use of only cameras with their own power supply is possible. Are you aware of that problem, i.e. do you know any laptop model nowadays with 6pin firewire port which thus allows the use of camera using the power directly from the laptop? We would like to avoid externally powered FireWire hub.

    It is also my understanding that laptops take advantage of an expansion slot using the various so called express cards. In this case it would be FireWire Express Card which I think does have 6pin port.
    However, does such card really provide enough current to drive Firewire camera (good quality images) without an external power source supply? I know that some of those questions are both camera (we use DragonyFly2 cameras from Point Grey) and laptop specific (many laptops deliberately restrict the output power on various ports), but any advice would be welcome.

    Sincerely Yours, Tomislav Pribanic, EE
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
    3 Unska
    10000 Zagreb
    Tel.: +385 1 6129 867
    Fax.: +385 1 6129 652