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LIDO WorkSET Available

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  • LIDO WorkSET Available

    In reorganizing an Ergonomic/Human Factors lab on campus, we've
    uncovered a piece of equipment that we do not have space to keep. For
    the cost of shipping (or local pick-up in Bozeman, Montana), you're
    welcome to our LIDO Workset.

    Description: The Lido WorkSET is a system designed to evaluate work
    capacity of humans in a broad range of physical activities. The
    system's capabilities include isometric, isokinetic, and isotonic
    strength measurement of peak torque, average peak torque, coefficient of
    variation, and total work in lateral, tip, and palmar pinch, hand grip,
    hand torque, wrist flexion and extension, forearm supination and
    pronation, elbow flexion and extension, shoulder internal and external
    rotation, shoulder flexion and extension, and shoulder abduction and

    The Lido WorkSET can be used to assess injury or trauma, evaluate the
    work capacity of injured or healthy individuals, determine the
    effectiveness of different physical medical treatments or therapies,
    gathering information about level of fitness, and determining the level
    of effort required for specific work tasks.

    The system comes with various attachments used to recreate customizable
    motions encountered in typical job scenarios:

    Screwdriver and Nutdriver (#19)

    Pliers (#52)

    Wrench (#70)

    Broom/Mop/Vacuum (#50 Linear Motion Component)

    Paintbrush and Scraper (#50)

    Paint Roller and Squeegee (#50)

    Scrub Brush and Iron (#50)

    Shovel, spade, and scoop (#50)

    Metal/wood file and plane (#50)

    Knife (#50)

    Handsaw (#50)

    Pry Bar and Jack (#70)

    Two-handed cutter and trimmer (#70)

    One-handed punches, staplers, scissors, and shears (#52)

    Small hammer and cleavers (#50)

    Rakes and hoes (#50)

    Diggers and tampers (#50)

    Knobs and keys (#10, 11, 12, 13)

    Hand Drills (#52)

    Spray paint guns (#50)

    Steering wheels (#61)

    Large control wheels and valves (#61)

    Small control wheels and valves (#20)

    Drill presses (#60)

    The Lido WorkSET includes with a manual detailing illustrated
    instructions for performing these specific work evaluations, typical
    activity orientation and motions, testing parameters, and standard
    evaluation protocol. The system includes the structure, a computer,
    computer controller, keyboard, monitor, and a cart to contain it along
    with monitor covers.

    If you are interested in the LIDO WorkSET, please respond via e-mail.
    Thank you.

    Jessica Mueller

    Graduate Research Assistant
    Montana State University

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