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Call for abstracts - Symposium "Patient-Centred OrthopaedicSurgery - Challenges, Emerging Technologies and Future Concepts"

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  • Call for abstracts - Symposium "Patient-Centred OrthopaedicSurgery - Challenges, Emerging Technologies and Future Concepts"

    “Patient-Centred Orthopaedic Surgery - Challenges, Emerging Technologies and Future Concepts”
    28th and 29th September 2009
    Chilworth Manor, Southampton, UK
    We are continually striving to improve the longevity and function of joint arthroplasty through improved implant design and surgical techniques. In particular, there has been growth of computer-assisted surgery with navigation, robotic-assisted surgery and, more recently, patient-customised instrumentation. These technologies are shifting towards patient-centred care, with the surgical plan and the operation itself being optimised for the needs of the individual, both in terms of function and longevity. This is leading to the development of improved planning tools and devices to assist the surgeon. There are a host of challenges that must be addressed, including rapid generation of patient specific models, computationally efficient modelling tools (e.g. Finite element vs. multi-body dynamics), what should we be planning for, verification of these new tools and ultimately, who is liable for the decisions based on these technologies?
    The “Patient-Centred Orthopaedic Surgery - Challenges, Emerging Technologies and Future Concepts” Symposium will be an opportunity to discuss the current state of the art and potential future developments in this rapidly evolving field, in terms of pre-operative planning/imaging, implants/instrumentation and intra-operative decision making. Invited keynote speakers include leading names from academia and industry. The symposium will be hosted by the DeSSOS consortium, which is a collaboration between universities (Southampton, Charite, Leiden, Zaragoza, ZIB) and industry (DePuy, Finsbury, ESI, Pera) and is funded under the EU 6th framework grant scheme. Over the past 3 years, the project has developed current technologies in terms of pre-operative planning and intra-operative outcome modelling. More information can be found at
    We invite you to attend this symposium and will cover your registration costs (including lunch, dinner on 28th Sept, coffee breaks, programs, etc), but you will have to cover your own transportation/accommodation costs. We also invite abstracts to be submitted including, but not limited to, the following areas:
    · Methods for rapid model generation
    · Patient-specific data collection
    · Methods for predicting musculoskeletal forces
    · Methods for predicting implant kinematics, contact pressures and stresses
    · Selection and optimisation of performance parameters
    · Validation of decision support technologies
    · Alternatives to traditional planning and surgical techniques
    Abstracts should be no more than 400 words in length and can include both text and images. Please submit abstracts by 15th August to Lucy Knight ( If you would like to attend this symposium, or for more information, please contact Lucy Knight.
    The symposium is to be held at Chilworth Manor in Southampton, which is easily accessible by road, rail and air ( Registration, including meals and refreshments, is free for both delegates and speakers. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Dr Lucy Knight
    On behalf of the DeSSOS consortium, Project Coordinator Prof Mark Taylor