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Rik Huiskes and the Journal of Biomechanics

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  • Rik Huiskes and the Journal of Biomechanics

    The Journal of Biomechanics thanks Professor Rik Huiskes

    In August 1979, Professor Rik Huiskes began his position as
    co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Biomechanics. After 30 years of
    dedicated service to the journal, Rik is retiring from this position.
    It is with immense gratitude and respect that we wish Rik all the
    best for his retirement and for everything he has done for the
    Journal of Biomechanics. I am pleased that he will continue his
    involvement with the journal as our Editor Emeritus.

    Rik's impact on the journal, and on the field of biomechanics, has
    been immeasurable. Under his leadership, the Journal of Biomechanics
    has published nearly 6700 articles, while tripling in size from
    publishing ~160 articles in 1979 to nearly 500 this past year. Over
    these years, Rik worked tirelessly to improve every aspect of the
    journal, from accelerating the submissions and review process, to
    expanding relationships with our affiliated societies, to recruiting
    outstanding members of our editorial boards, and working closely with
    our publisher, Elsevier, Ltd.

    Authors and reviewers alike have greatly appreciated Rik's direct
    style of editorship as he expanded the journal into a number of new
    and exciting scientific areas. Those of us who have worked closely
    with him know that he never hesitates to take on new challenges or to
    address problems head-on. Not only has Rik been the most influential
    editor of the Journal of Biomechanics, he has been and continues to
    be our most prolific author, having published 88 papers in the
    Journal of Biomechanics over the same 30 year span. His work has
    garnered over 7500 scientific citations, and he is recognized by many
    as the most influential biomechanics researcher in Europe. As
    recognition of his scientific contributions, Rik was appointed as an
    Academy Professor of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and
    Sciences in 2003, and as a member of the US National Academy of
    Engineering (Foreign Associate) in 2005, among numerous other
    accolades and awards.

    With the tremendous growth in the size and breadth of the journal in
    the past few years, it has become apparent that managing the
    editorial process is now too much for two coeditors. With the support
    of Elsevier, we have made a major
    change in the structure of the Journal of Biomechanics, with the
    establishment of a new board of Associate Editors who will work
    closely with me to oversee the review process.

    I am delighted to welcome Professors Frank Baaijens (The
    Netherlands), Aurelio Cappozzo (Italy), Christopher Jacobs (USA),
    Stephen Piazza (USA), Saeed Shirazi-Adl (Canada), and David Vorp
    (USA) as our new associate editors. We have also appointed several
    new members to the Editorial Advisory Board and Board of Editorial
    Consultants, and we thank several outgoing board members for their
    assistance over the past few years.

    We are indebted to Professor Rik Huiskes for the success of the
    journal, and we thank him again for his extraordinary leadership at
    the helm of the Journal of Biomechanics for the past three decades.

    Farshid Guilak, Ph.D.
    Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Biomechanics
    Laszlo Ormandy Professor
    Duke University Medical Center