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    Dear Steven,

    C3D is the common public file format supported by virtually all 3D Motion Capture systems - a history of the file format and full C3D documentation can be downloaded from as well as user written applications, demonstrations of commercial C3D applications, and a large library of sample C3D files from different laboratories and motion capture systems.

    We offer two C3D editing software solutions that run under the Microsoft Windows and should run on Linux/BSD systems using emulators such as WINE - these are:

    C3Deditor - $495 for a site license. This software allows you to do almost any kind of edit function imaginable on a C3D file as well as filter/interpolate C3D data and create, modify, and delete C3D parameters. It opens all C3D variants (REAL / INTEGER / PC / SGI / DEC files) and will convert and save all of these types to whichever C3D file type that you need. It will also rescale REAL formatted C3D files to convert them safely to INTEGER C3D files without problems. The C3Deditor can be run in a batch mode to convert multiple C3D files and can perform complex repetitive edits automatically whenever a C3D file is opened. It would have no problems opening C3D files from many different systems and converting the files to a single common format.

    C3D File Editor - free. This is a simple C3D file editor that is supplied with the C3Dserver. It includes the full source code for the editor (written in Visual Basic) so additional features can be added if desired. The C3Dserver is a DLL that provides full access to the C3D file format and is available in two versions. The free version of the C3Dserver is identical to the full version ($495 for a site license) except that each call to the C3Dserver incurs a small (5ms) delay that does not exist in the licensed version. Thus the supplied C3D File Editor is fully functional with the free version of the C3Dserver but will run much faster with the licensed version.

    It's worth noting that the C3Dserver allows MATLAB users to read and write C3D files - so a MATLAB user working with the C3Dserver would be able to open C3D files from multiple motion capture systems in any of the supported C3D file formats without problems. Similar programs could be written using Visual Basic, C#, C++, Java, or in any language or application that supports the Microsoft DLL environment.

    Our software licenses are all "site" licenses - so when a laboratory purchases a copy of our software it can be installed and run on any number of computers within the laboratory without limit. We feel that this form of licensing makes our software available at a reasonable cost, it reflects how software is actually used within the biomechanics and animation environment and eases the installation and subsequent tracking of installed software.

    We also offer a free program called the MLSviewer that displays the contents of the C3D file and allows you to examine both the data and parameters within the C3D file in detail. All of the software described here can be downloaded from our web site at

    Edmund Cramp -
    Motion Lab Systems, Inc. -
    15045 Old Hammond Highway, Baton Rouge, LA 70816 USA
    Tel: (Central Time Zone, GMT-6)

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    | Dear all,
    | Our laboratory would like to generate the same motion
    | analysis report from different motion analysis systems. In
    | order to do this, we have to edit the C3D files which
    | generated from different systems into the same C3D format.
    | Could anyone provide any information for any free C3D editing
    | software? I will post the summary of the responses later.
    | regards,
    | Stephen