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CNC bench top mill

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  • CNC bench top mill

    Dear subscribers,

    I'm preparing to purchase a CNC bench top mill to machine small bone
    samples (~25 mm x 10 mm x 1 mm). I found a few companies (Sherline,
    Maxnc,...) that sell machines that do what I need for $3 to 5,000.
    However, they look almost like "toys" and I'm concerned that the frame
    might not be stiff enough to ensure accurate milling.
    In addition, Sherline proposes a linux based software (EMC, by linuxcnc)
    to control their machine, and therefore proposes a very affordable system.

    I'll be interested to know what researchers use in our field, as well as
    comments or advice regarding the choice of a reliable machine and
    software package (for a limited budget).

    Thank you in advance,


    Damien L Subit
    Research Scientist
    Center for Applied Biomechanics, University of Virginia
    1011 Linden av, Charlottesville, VA, 22902, USA
    (+1) 434-296-7288 x 148