Hello all,

My name is Adam Kiefer and I am a post-doc in the Virtual Environment
Navigation Lab at Brown University. I am writing because we are
attempting to build a tendon vibration apparatus from scratch, in
order to examine the role of dorsal neck muscle vibration in goal-
directed locomotion, and I was hoping for some assistance from anyone
with experience building/employing these devices. We are choosing to
work from scratch in order to maximize customizability both in
portability and in software control, but would be willing to go the
commercial route if anyone knows of a company that specializes in
customization of this type of equipment. Specifically, we want to
construct something that has a portable power supply, preferably
controlled wirelessly (e.g., blue-tooth compatible), with a fast rise
time, and at a size that could be used both on the neck and at other
anatomical locations in future studies. Most of the literature has
described a brushless DC servo-motor of some type, so any information
on companies anyone has ordered from in the past would be helpful.
Also, for those of you who have dealt with these types of devices, if
you are able to provide any recommendations you might have regarding
things to make sure to look out for, issues you have come across, and
any other information you think would be helpful we would greatly
appreciate it!



Adam Kiefer, Ph. D.
Post-doctoral Research Associate
Dept. of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences
Box 1978
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912-1978

Office: 102-F Metcalf Research Building
P: 513-315-7905