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Realistic Simulation-Driven Design for the Orthopedics Industry

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  • Realistic Simulation-Driven Design for the Orthopedics Industry

    Realistic Simulation-Driven Design for the Orthopedics Industry

    More Information and registration:

    Guest Speakers:

    Dr. Esra Roan, Assistant Professor, University of Memphis,
    Janaki Penmetsa, Senior Research Engineer, Smith and Nephew, Inc.

    In the orthopedic device industry, computational modeling is playing an
    important role in device development and the regulatory submissions
    process. Attend this free seminar to learn how nonlinear finite element
    analysis (FEA) techniques are being used by medical device researchers
    and designers to simulate the realistic mechanical behavior
    (stress-strain response) of implants, including the complex material
    behavior, in-vivo loading conditions, durability, and fatigue life of

    Plus, learn how industry-leading orthopedic device manufacturers are
    using Abaqus FEA and Isight for analysis and design exploration of
    implants, including biomechanics and motion simulation, advanced
    material modeling and wear, bone damage and remodeling, custom implants
    and fixation plates for trauma care, and surgical procedures.

    Join us for this free seminar:

    * Hear details on Dr. Esra Roan's research using realistic
    simulation to evaluate pubis
    fracture susceptibility.
    * Hear from Janaki Penmetsa about applications of finite element
    analysis for the design of orthopedic implants at Smith and Nephew.
    * Learn how Abaqus FEA is being used for bone remodeling.
    * Discover how Isight from SIMULIA can help you evaluate multiple
    design alternatives of your orthopedic design and manufacturing
    processes to optimize design performance.

    Best regards, Rene

    Mr. Rene Sprunger

    Business Development Manager
    SIMULIA Americas
    Office: +1 401-276-4400