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EMG Electrodes and Heart Beat Artifact?

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  • EMG Electrodes and Heart Beat Artifact?

    Dear Biomch-L Users,

    I am in the fitness industry and am using emg electrodes on the abdominal and back muscles. I have noticed I will often have an EMG signal with noise in it that reflects the person's heart beat. I do not always have this and I was wondering if this is a common problem, or if there are any solutions (eg should I change the ground electode placements(I tried multiple locations, but no luck) or do I need to use additional ground electrodes, or different type of electrodes that might be better?). We are using ag/ag chloride single use electrodes. We have single and dual electrodes (keeping the same distance as the dual when using the single electrodes), and it does not seem to be fixed when you swithc between single to dual (I did not try to change the distance between the electrodes..would that work?).

    I am hoping that there is somebody out there that can help.

    Much Appreciated,
    Alexandra Michaels
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