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MRI and the Squat

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  • MRI and the Squat

    Is anyone familiar with the book "Muscle meets Magnet" by Tesch & Dudley (no
    pulication date available). A chapter was excerpted in the fall edition of
    the magazine "muscle and fitness". At the end of the article, the publisher
    was listed as Bookmasters, Inc of Mansfield Ohio. However, when our
    librarian contacted the publisher, they stated the book was no longer
    available. In addition, our librarian's attempt to get the book through
    interlibrary loan was not successful (apparently no library bought the

    In the excerpted article, the authors report using MRI to determine how
    active the hamstrings were during the squat exercise. Apparently, MRI is
    able to detect a change in energy sources within a muscle.

    If you have seen the book, or have access to a copy, please let me know
    about borrowing it for a period of time. I am also interested in any
    comments or insights readers might have regarding the validity of using MRI
    to monitor muscle contribution to an exercise.

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