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Games for Health Workshop - Melbourne 6th Dec

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  • Games for Health Workshop - Melbourne 6th Dec

    Dear Biomch-L members,
    Please see below message

    > Dear colleagues
    > in my role as Chair of a Games for Health Special Interest Group for the
    > Health Informatics Society of Australia, I am trying to establish a link
    > between health researchers, clinicians and consumers with the video
    > games developer community such that we can start to build interactive
    > game systems that are (a) appropriate for the level of function of
    > different patient groups and (b) which can provide clinicians and
    > researchers with information about changes in patient performance.
    > I have organised workshops on Games for Health for two upcoming
    > conferences and would very much appreciate any suggestions you might
    > have for advertising these events more widely. If you have suggestions
    > for mailing lists I can post the following to by all means let me know.
    > Unfortunately timing is tight, for the first workshop in particular I
    > have only just been given the green light.
    > The first workshop will be held on Sunday 6th December in Melbourne as a
    > part of the Game Connect Asia Pacific conference
    > (
    > This Games for Health forum brings together the Australian game
    > development industry with healthcare providers, clinicians and heath
    > technology developers. It is intended for games and health
    > practitioners, and for academics from both fields. This sector
    > constitutes a rapidly growing $6.6 billion international market, that
    > Australian companies are well placed to access. Experts from the medical
    > and video game industries will speak across a range of topics including:
    > We have a number of speakers from across health who will present at this
    > meeting on topics such as
    > The use of virtual 3D environments (eg SecondLife) for health education
    > and training
    > Haptic feedback games in upper limb rehabilitation following stroke
    > Video games for training geriatric interns in identifying fall risk
    > factors in the homes of older adults
    > Development of a first-person shooter style game for education in
    > children living with cancer
    > Virtual Iraq for treatment of post traumatic stress disorder
    > Exergames
    > How to attract ARC and NHMRC funding
    > The second event will be held as a part of the much more academic IEEE
    > HealthCom09 ( At this meeting
    > I have four speakers (three international) who will speak on
    > Haptic rehabilitation of upper limb function following stroke
    > Video games for rehabilitation
    > Effectiveness of Game-based Learning of a National Health e-Learning
    > Network for Nutrition Education in Elementary School
    > Games for Health overview

    > --
    > Stuart Smith PhD, MSc
    > Senior Research Officer
    > __________________________________________
    > Falls and Balance Research Group
    > Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute
    > Barker Street, Randwick
    > N.S.W. 2031
    > Australia
    > T: +61 2 9399 1629
    > +61 2 8005 8256 (Skype voicemail)
    > F: +61 2 9399 1204
    > E:
    > W:
    > VOIP: powmri_stu (Skype)