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Career opportunities at AnyBody Technology in computationalbiomechanics and software development

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  • Career opportunities at AnyBody Technology in computationalbiomechanics and software development

    Career opportunities: Computational biomechanics specialists and software developers

    AnyBody Technology aims at producing outstanding musculoskeletal software simulation solutions and we are looking for outstanding software developers and biomechanics specialists to join our team. You will be part of either our software development team, or our biomechanical consulting team with customer projects and support tasks depending on your specific skills. These teams work closely together.

    Ideally, you have a strong background in computational mathematics and mechanics, experience with software development and knowledge of musculoskeletal modeling.

    Our software, the AnyBody Modeling SystemT, is a highly technical system in the CAE software area that targets all sorts of product design as well as science, research and clinical purposes. Simulations can be aimed at tasks such as ergonomic design of man-machine interfaces, comfort simulations in vehicle design, analysis of orthopedic methods and rehabilitation, simulation of zero-gravity body loading during space travel, design of exercise methods and fitness machines.

    Our teams are small and dynamical of highly dedicated people. Each member solves many different tasks, independently or in close team work. We are all indispensable parts of bringing the product to the market.

    You will strengthen the most technical parts of our core teams. This will cover one or more of the following areas:
    Development of computational and data managing modules.
    Special purpose solutions for particular customer projects.
    Development of biomechanical models, generic human body models, applications to particular problems, etc.

    Technical qualifications:
    The following functions and technologies are important in our daily work and experience within these will be a qualification. Wide coverage is preferred.
    Advanced musculoskeletal modeling and simulation
    Object-oriented C++ development (Visual Studio)
    Mechanics, in particular multibody dynamics, and some knowledge of finite element methods.
    Computational mathematics, in particular numerical solution of equations, optimization problems, differential equations (ODE and DAE).
    Data and signal processing

    Other relevant qualifications and functions you find in our team cover:
    Python development
    Windows GUI interface development (Microsoft MFC, .Net, wxWidget, etc.)
    API and SDK design, e.g. ActiveX
    Documentation: Authoring, as well as automatic generation, formatting and linkage to software solutions (html and latex).
    Systematic software building and testing.
    Software release: Installation development (MSI, InstallShield)
    Web: html, xhtml, php, mysql, xml technologies.
    OpenGL 3D graphics, scene graph technologies e.g. OpenSceneGraph and OpenSG. Other 3D graphical tools and technologies, e.g. CAD and animation software.
    Customer and partner support by email, phone, webcast.

    Any experience within these areas is certainly a plus.

    Personal qualifications
    Communication skills:
    o English (spoken and written for email correspondence, negotiation, documentation authoring is a must, English is the company language)
    o Danish (spoken and written is an advantage, but certainly not a requirement)
    Open, responsible and dedicated approach to life.
    Strong team spirit.
    A good sense of humor.

    You are likely to have direct customer and/or partner contact depending on your position in the team.

    Some amount of traveling world wide must be expected.

    Applications must be sent to or to

    AnyBody Technology A/S
    Niels Jernes Vej 10
    DK 9220 Aalborg East

    Send a letter of application, resume (CV) including relevant documentation of education and recommendations, and relevant technical publications.

    The first position is expected to be filled in December or as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

    AnyBody Technology A/S (ABT):
    ABT develops and markets the unique software the AnyBody Modeling SystemT and offers consultancy, training and technical support to users. The AnyBody Modeling SystemT is a breakthrough invention for simulating man-machine or other man-environment interaction and how it affects the human body. The AnyBody Modeling SystemT renders the user able to determine muscle and joint forces and other biomechanical aspects of the body's interaction with its environment. The AnyBody Modeling SystemT is an open system where the user can build his own models, or the user can draw model resources from a public repository comprising a vast amount of models, and an entire body model totaling more than 1000 muscle elements.

    Website -

    Best Regards,
    Casper Gerner Mikkelsen
    Business Manager
    AnyBody Technology A/S
    Niels Jernes Vej 10
    DK-9220 Aalborg East
    Phone: +45 96 35 42 86
    Fax: +45 96 35 45 99